Kwalix X (Experiences)

You are in Oaxaca City and want to know more about local family life away from city center? Then join our artisan workshops, learn from the best and create something unique to take home! 

All our tours are offered in our private car and are limited to 4 seats. Time and meeting point in Oaxaca City will be arranged individually. We speak Spanish, English and German!

Painting Workshop

Come with us to Arrazola, where the history of wooden alebrijes began! Immerse yourself for a few hours in the life of a typical Oaxacan artisan family, learn all about the process of creating the colorful creatures and paint your own alebrije under expert supervision!


Location: Taller Armando Jimenez, San Antonio Arrazola

Duration: 30 min drive/3 hours workshop

Price: 800 Pesos for 1 person/1,300 Pesos for 2/1,800 Pesos for 3

          /2,300 Pesos for 4

Weaving Workshop

Make your own small tablecloths on a traditional loom and learn from a famous artisan family who is making textiles for about 100 years in Mitla! 


LocationTaller Artelar, Mitla

Duration: 1 hour drive/3 hours workshop

Price: 1,300 Pesos for 1 person/1,800 Pesos for 2/2,300 Pesos for

          3/2,800 Pesos for 4

Mezcal tasting

Visit a palenque in Union Zapata, get to know the entire process of making artisanal Mezcal and enjoy the flavor of a real Espadín or Tobalá!


Location: Rancho Vale Madres, Union Zapata

Duration: 1-h drive/3 h workshop
Price1,300 Pesos for 1 person/1,800 Pesos for 2/2,300 Pesos for

          3/2,800 Pesos for 4

Ceramic Workshop

Get to know a well-know artisan family from Atzompa and learn how to make a cup/bowl yourself! Lunch at the local market included! 


LocationTaller Coatlicue, Santa Maria Atzompa

Duration: 30 min drive/3 h workshop
Price: 1,300 Pesos for 1 person./1,800 Pesos for 2/2,300 Pesos for              3/2,800 Pesos for 4