About us

Our Story

Kwalix was founded in 2019 by Katrin Schrimpf and Cesar Morales, a German Mexican couple who have a thing for Mexican crafts and its people. Inspired by the Vanilla Campaign launched by Sebastian Berlein, the idea was born to make the trade of handicrafts from Mexico fairer, more transparent, and easier for both producers and customers. 


The perfect place to put this idea into practice is Oaxaca. The southern state of Mexico is known worldwide for its colorful and high-quality handicrafts using ancestral techniques and natural materials. Especially famous are the colorful Alebrijes, Barro negro (black clay), as well as carpets and textiles. 


We have been living in Oaxaca City since the end of 2018 and visit family workshops of various trades in the villages around the city. By visiting the family workshops ourselves, we make sure to offer high-quality products made with love and passion. Also, we build up a friendly and lasting relationship with the families!

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the life of the craft people from Oaxaca to preserve this fascinating knowledge passed down by generations. It's time to show the world the beauty of Mexican's art craft and design! 


We bring together Mexican artisans with designers and social businesses from all over who are interested in collaborations and long-lasting relationships with the producers.

Why Kwalix?

"Cualli" means "bueno" (good) in the indigenous language Nahuatl, which is still spoken by over a million people in various states of Mexico. From "Cualli" came "Kwali" for simplicity's sake. And the "X" symbolizes a point of contact between producer and consumer.