Who are we









Kwalix is the collaboration between artisans and an independent Mexican researcher, it was founded in 2019 by Cesar Morales, who's mission is to improve the life of the artisans and preserve their fascinating knowledge passed down by generations. 


We bring together Mexican artisans with businesses and travelers from all over the world who are interested in getting to know authentic Oaxacan culture or are looking for collaborations and long-lasting relationships with them.

Our Services

KWALIX + (Sourcing)

Cooperate with a Mexican artisan from Oaxaca, personalize your product and establish long-lasting relationships to support craft communities!

We find the right producer you're looking for, customize your product, manage the communication and ship it to you.

KWALIX X (Experience)

Visit the artisan families in their Workshops in Oaxaca and learn from their knowledge passed down by generations!

We offer immerse experience in English and Spanish to understand and appreciate the artisans and their workshops around Oaxaca. 




Find innovative, hand selected crafts from Mexico in our vast and regularly updated database and get to know the family workshops (talleres) we have visited and registered in Oaxaca.

What our community says:

Katja Walbrodt

Designer at kissentraume.de

Cesar von KwaliX versorgen mich regelmäßig mit hochwertigen Stickereien aus Oaxaca, aus denen ich dann wunderschöne Kissen herstelle. Ich bin so froh, die beiden gefunden zu haben, denn genau wie mir geht es ihnen um faire Bezahlung, Nachhaltigkeit und den Aufbau langfristiger Beziehungen zu den Stickerinnen vor Ort.

Ellie Hodesdon

Designer at eastendpress.com

With the help of KwaliX, I'm able to communicate with the artisans more efficiently and quickly because there is not just a language border but also cultural challenges. Cesar as a Mexican, make the perfect match to understand these differences and make the communication work!

Sebastian Berlein

KwaliX stands for a vast network of the best and talented artisans from Oaxaca. If you're looking for high quality and customizable Mexican handcrafts and want to build a long term relationship with the producers, get in touch with KwaliX. Whatever product idea you have, they'll find the right artisans for you!