KwaliX Plus (Sourcing)

Are you a designer/business owner looking to cooperate with Mexican artisans to create innovative quality crafts? Do you want to design sustainable, natural products that have a positive social impact?


Then we’re here to help!‌


Popular Mexican crafts from Oaxaca are for example organic rugs handwoven with naturally dyed wool;‌ remarkable black pottery; colorful Alebrijes;‌ handwoven palm leave baskets and a lot more!

Why you should work with us?

To save time.


Our wide network of artisans in Mexico (especially in Oaxaca) allows us to quickly find the right families who have the skills you need to make your product idea a reality.

To ensure good communication.


As a Mexican, Cesar is responsible for direct communication with the artisans. He knows that this is not only about translating your briefing into Spanish, but rather about mediating between different cultures.

To guarantee quality. 


Our experience taught us to only work with artisans who are outstandingly talented and passionate about their art.

We know all our artisan families in person and are especially interested in building long term relationships between Mexican artisan families and social businesses around the globe.


If that's exactly what you are looking for, then don't hesistate to contact us!